Summer Days Most Deadly for Motorcyclists in Winston-Salem and Throughout North Carolina

Recent preliminary data released by the Governors Highway Safety Association indicates that motorcyclists fatalities were down nationwide for the first nine months of 2010.

Winston-Salem injury lawyers find this news somewhat shocking considering the number of motorcyclists sharing roadways with motorists and the growing popularity of 2-wheeled vehicles now that gas prices have skyrocketed.

Two recent motorcycle accidents in North Carolina have us mindful of the dangers we all face on roadways now that we are in the days of summer. According to WRAL, the first involved an unlicensed driver that caused a motorcycle and pickup truck to collide with her Saturn while making a left turn. The turn caused a fourth vehicle to swerve and hit two other cars making a total of six vehicles involved in the Fayetteville accident.The motorcyclist was seriously injured and taken to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center in critical condition. The two passengers in the vehicle that that caused the accident sustained minor injuries.

The second accident, according to WSOCTV, resulted in a National Weather Service Advisory when a 17-year-old boy was struck by lightning on a motorcycle. The accident points out that not only should motorcyclists be cautious of other drivers but also of the weather conditions they opt to ride in. The boy was riding on his motorcycle on Brown Mountain Beach Road in Burke County when lightning struck, causing burns to his legs according to emergency officials.

According to the GHSA preliminary data, North Carolina motorcyclist fatalities were up during the first nine months of 2010 when compared to the previous year during the same time period. Most states show a substantial increase in motorcyclist fatalities during the third quarter.

For instance, North Carolina reported 80 biker deaths during the first 6 months of 2010 and by the end of September 2010 a total of 144 motorcyclist fatalities were reported, showing an increase of 64 deaths over a 3-month period from July 1 to September 30, 2010.

The best riding weather in most states, especially in colder climates, is now through the end of September. During the next few months, motorcyclists can enhance safety by following these Tips of the Day by Dr. Ray:

  • Waiting in pairs is permissible at stop signs or traffic lights but never pair up on roadways while in motion.
  • Your passenger should look over your shoulder in the direction of the turn when cornering.
  • Only pass other vehicles individually, never in large groups or pairs.
  • Make sure your passenger holds on to the hand grips located on most bikes or grabs on around your waist.
  • Avoid taking medicine for common colds before you ride because they often make you drowsy. Read all labels before taking.
  • If your throttle becomes stuck, hit the cut-off switch.
  • Winds of 25 mph can make motorcycle riding difficult. If high winds, thunderstorms, hail or other inclement weather conditions are expected, refrain from taking your motorcycle out on the road.
  • To find a motorcycle safety course near you, click on Motorcycle Safety Foundation to get started.

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