Driver Knowledge Could Reduce Risk of Car Accidents in Winston-Salem, Elsewhere

Winston-Salem drivers have bragging rights when it comes to safe driving, according to a recent article in the Winston-Salem Journal.

A recent driving knowledge survey conducted by GMAC Insurance indicated that Winston-Salem drivers averaged a score of 78.1, which was slightly above the national average for those who took the test.

One would think that smart drivers on the road would reduce the risk of car accidents in Winston-Salem, but it is often the other driver you have to watch out for. Drivers who neglect the rules of the road are the motorists our North Carolina car accident attorneys at Lee Law Offices, P.A. protect you from. We encourage you to contact an experienced car accident attorney to help get you the compensation you deserve after a severe car crash.

The article revealed that Raleigh drivers averaged a score of 79.3, followed by Winston-Salem at 78.1. Charlotte scores averaged 74.8, and Greensboro drivers scored 73.8. Overall, North Carolina averaged a 77, ranking the state at 36th in driving knowledge throughout the country.

Triangle Business Journal reports North Carolina drivers are more knowledgeable than New York motorists. Alarmingly, one in five motorists (18 percent) who took the 2011 GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test did not pass. More than 5,100 licensed drivers between the ages of 16 and 65 participated in the online survey in March and April. The national average was 77.9. New York, which finished last in 2010, upped its score to 75.3, which ranks 45th among states.

Kansas posted the best scores, averaging 82.9 percent correct on the questions asked. Test results indicated that Wyoming had only one in 20 drivers fail the test, the lowest failure rate posted by any state. A total of 34 percent of drivers failed the test in New York and Washington, D.C., combined.

“All drivers need a refresher course when it comes to rules of the road and it begins with education,” said Scott Eckman, chief marketing officer for GMAC Insurance. “We’re hoping this year’s GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test results will inspire drivers to arm themselves with the knowledge they need to stay safe.”

A few sample questions included in the Winston-Salem 2011 National Drivers Test include:

-What speed should be driven at when traveling in adverse conditions?

-What does a solid yellow line on your side of the center line mean?

-How many feet in advance should a driver signal when making a right or left-hand turn?

-When is driving off a roadway to pass another vehicle permitted?

-What is a safe distance to follow another vehicle in most driving conditions to avoid a tailgating or other car-related accident?

Each of the 20 questions is multiple-choice. To take the test, click here.

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