Teen Safety Awareness Month aimed at reducing teen driving accidents in Hickory, Asheville

The Garner Citizen reports that the National Association of Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) and Allstate Foundation are teaming up to recognize youth safety and teen driving during National Youth Traffic Safety Month. Chapters throughout the state are advocating and initiating youth programs during the month of May in order to reduce teen car accidents in North Carolina.
SAVE is an organization of teens that focuses on positive peer pressure which influences peers to make smart choices. Members often take a lead role in their schools and communities in creating positive energy and commitment to activities to promote teen safe driving and youth safety. These teens are well aware that car crashes are the leading cause of death among young people. Car accident attorneys in Hickory, Asheville, and Greensboro know that this is a dangerous time of year for a young driver with events like prom and graduation taking place; building awareness can only help to reduce the risks of an accident.

In recognition of National Youth Traffic Safety Month, National Organizations for Youth Safety are promoting a number of programs and contests to get teens involved in making smart choices and practicing safe driving.

-Act Out Loud Contest: Over 200 teams have applied in local communities to create a video about the dangers of distracted driving. Local youth safety organizations can win up to $10,000 for the winning video and an opportunity to create and implement prevention projects about distracted driving.

-Youth-Turn It Around Awards: This program awards up to $5,000 for taking an adverse traffic situation in a teen’s community and making it an educational learning experience for other teens that may prevent a similar tragedy from happening again. The winner will receive a cash reward for the organization of their choice.

-Above the Influence Poster Contest: A contest directed at teens expressing themselves artistically in a poster about not giving in to drugs and alcohol. Contestants were encouraged to be creative and expressive about the dangers of drugs and alcohol among teens today.

-NOYS Traffic Safety Leaders College Scholarship: Teens interested in going to college to major in a traffic safety degree are urged to apply for this Traffic Safety Leaders Scholarship sponsored by The National Organizations for Youth Safety and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. High school juniors and seniors planning to attend college can apply for the scholarship if they intend to continue their advocacy for traffic safety. Three scholarships will be awarded upon peer review of applications.

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