Teen car accidents medically expensive in North Carolina and often require an experienced law firm

Young drivers are at such a high risk for being involved in a car accident in Charlotte and elsewhere that we continue to make it a focus point on our North Carolina Car Accident Lawyers Blog. We recently posted that May is Teen Safety Awareness Month and that Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) in North Carolina are making tremendous efforts to bring awareness about the dangers of distracted driving, speeding and drunk driving to teens throughout the state.
Our North Carolina car accident lawyers applaud teens who pressure other teens to be safer drivers because peer pressure is a strong force among this age group and can be incorporated positively if gone about the right way. Car accidents are the leading cause of death among teens so a valiant effort must be made if we want to minimize the public health threat that it has become.

Fox Charlotte recently reported about the fatal accident killing a teen driver from North Mecklenburg High School. The young driver was trying to make a left turn onto Browne Road when she was struck by a truck in the intersection. The student was pronounced dead at Carolinas Medical Center from severe injuries sustained during the accident.

The two passengers riding with the teen driver killed in the accident were admitted to the hospital for medical attention, according to the Charlotte Observer. Both passengers suffered serious injuries but are expected to live. The driver of the truck was treated and released for minor injuries at Presbyterian-Huntersville Hospital shortly after the accident.

If your teen is involved in an accident, consider seeking the professional help of a car accident law firm in North Carolina immediately. Reuters recently reported that North Carolina is ranked among the top ten states in annual medical costs and work loss expenses related to motor vehicle crash fatalities. Children, teens and young adults are at the highest risk — car crashes are the leading cause of death for people ages 5 to 34. It is estimated that motor vehicle deaths cost approximately $41 billion a year in medical and lost wage expenses. North Carolina was ranked 6th highest for medical and work loss expenses at $1.5 billion, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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