North Carolina car accidents are often weather or road surface-related

Winston-Salem car accident lawyers know that spring weather can be deadly when causing flooding on roadways so motorists should be extra careful when traveling during a torrential storm or during the aftermath of a storm severe enough to cause fallen trees or flooding.

The Winston-Salem Journal reports about a recent fatal accident that killed five people in Croatan National Forest. The family was headed to church when their vehicle veered into the swamp canal. Some are wondering if the severe storms passing through most of the state recently played a role in causing the car accident in North Carolina.
USA Today reports the two infants who died in the crash were found still strapped in their car seats when the vehicle was recovered from the canal. The mother, her fiancĂ©’ and another child were also killed in the crash.

North Carolina has recently experienced a vast number of storms, which can be a hazard to motorists on roadways. In 2009, roadway surface conditions were the cause of over 1,200 motor vehicle crashes in North Carolina, according to the Fatality Analysis Reporting System used by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Wet roads and standing or moving water conditions caused almost 200 crashes in the state in 2009. Wet surfaces and standing water make driving difficult because you can lose control of the vehicle and skid when trying to stop too quickly.

Hydroplaning, which causes the car to lift from the surface, is another serious fear for drivers in wet road conditions.

Croatan National Forest consists of swamps, salt water bays and pine forests which cover approximately 160,000 acres according to the Associated Press. Officials from Craven County had been in the area investigating the storm damage a few hours before the recent tragic crash. It is reported that several deaths have occurred from cars running off the stretch of road that runs along the canal.

If you are desperate to get somewhere in torrential storms or flood-like conditions, be advised of a few safety tips:

-Slow down. Wet surfaces make it difficult to control your vehicle so reducing speed can make conditions more manageable.

-Watch for debris in the roadway or downed electrical lines.

-Make sure your headlights are on in poor visibility conditions.

-If taking a different route or postponing your travel is an option, make alternative arrangements.

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