Costs of injuries in North Carolina motorcycle accidents add up, requiring help from experienced law firm

As part of Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month in May, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and first gentleman Michael Haley attended a rally recently held at the grounds of the Statehouse, reports The State.

The event was in large part to highlight motorcycle safety and bikers’ rights on roadways with lawmakers and bikers getting up to speak at the rally.
The month of May is traditionally one of the most dangerous for motorcycle accidents in North Carolina and elsewhere. Due to this fact, personal injury lawyers in Greensboro, Hickory, Asheville and elsewhere throughout the state are urging motorists and motorcyclists to share the roads in order to reduce injuries and fatalities this month and throughout the year.

According to the Fatality Analysis Reporting System used by the U.S. Department of Transportation, North Carolina reported 155 motorcyclists fatalities in 2009. From 2005 through 2009, there were as many as 201 fatalities reported in 2007; with an average of over 165 motorcycle deaths per year over the 5-year period. South Carolina reported 108 motorcycle fatalities in 2009. The five year high for South Carolina motorcyclists fatalities was 131, also in 2007, during that same time period from 2005-2009.

There are a number of common injuries that can occur from motorcycle crashes. Broken bones are probably the most obvious. Brain injuries are another common motorcycle injury that can be fatal. Personality changes or loss of motor control can make brain injuries permanent and life altering. Organ injuries often need immediate surgery to remedy the damage found in the internal organ and can sometimes require a long recovery process following the accident. Road rash can be extremely painful and leave lasting scars.

Whether injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident are minimal or life-changing, the medical costs add up. Most victims require a trip to the emergency room at minimum and in many cases much more extensive care is needed. It is important to contact a law firm immediately to evaluate your damages and seek professional advice on how to proceed with a course of action.

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