Governor Focuses on Highway Safety to Help Decrease Risks of North Carolina Car Accidents

The United Nations voted unanimously to make 2011-2020 a Decade of Action for Road Safety, according to Governors Highway Safety Association.
The primary focus of our Charlotte personal injury lawyers is on North Carolina car accidents and traffic fatalities in general. But we understand that a global focus on road safety can only bring more awareness and adaptation to safer driving habits in the United States and throughout North Carolina.

Starting May 11, 2011 the fight to reduce traffic fatalities internationally will rank as high as the priority given to the fight against HIV/AIDS and malaria. It is estimated that there are approximately 1.3 million traffic fatalities and another 50 million serious injuries resulting from traffic crashes in the world each year. At this rate, the World Health Organization expects that traffic-related injuries will be the 5th leading cause of death in the world by year 2030.

In the next 10 years it is expected that 5 million people will die, and another 50 million people will suffer devastating injuries. It is the hope of the UN that with strategies and interventions these tragedies will diminish in number rather than increase. The continued development of the Safe Systems Approach will play a key role in making roadways safer — paying particular attention to the road, the vehicle and the driver. Using the Safe Systems Approach, the UN has modeled their own prototype in developing the Decade of Action ‘Five Pillar’ Plan, which pinpoints 5 areas of traffic safety that will gain the most attention. While this strategy includes building safer roads, vehicles, and management capacity, it also will focus on encouraging safer driving behaviors, as well as improving the care given following a crash.

The Road Safety Tag is the official emblem that will be used internationally in the Decade of Action for Road Safety. Starting May 11th, the United Nations is encouraging participation by:

-Visiting the official website to register your office or organization in making a 10 year commitment for safer driving. You can then download the Road Safety Tag for free which can then be displayed as a symbol of your participation in the worldwide effort to decrease traffic deaths.

-Plan an event on May 11th to include the Toward Zero Deaths initiative.

-Wear a Road Safety Tag in a personal effort to join other well-known government officials like former President Clinton, Secretary LaHood and Mayor Bloomberg to name a few.

-Make a request in writing to your mayor or governor to show a commitment to prevent traffic-related fatalities in our communities by wearing the Tag.

It is important that we make a committed effort to stop the bleeding, literally. By pledging to be safer drivers we can do our part to make roadways safer in North Carolina and throughout the country.

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