Work Zone Safety Awareness aims to Reduce North Carolina Car Accidents this Spring

North Carolina is joining transportation officials across the nation in recognizing National Work Zone Awareness Week. In attempt to help ease the flow of traffic in these construction and maintenance work zone areas and reduce the risks of a Charlotte car accident, the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) will be increasing the monitoring of traffic flaggers through specific training and certification programs, according to The National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse.

Our Spartanburg car accident lawyers urge motorists to slow down and pay attention in work zones this spring and summer. “Safer driving. Safer work zones. For everyone.” is the campaign for this year’s Work Zone Safety Week, as motor vehicle accidents continue to be one of the leading causes of work zone fatalities.
According to the NCDOT, North Carolina experienced more than 2,100 injuries and more than 10 fatalities from work zone crashes in 2009. The National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse reports that the United State witnessed nearly 34,000 injuries and approximately 700 fatalities from these work zone crashes that year.

NCDOT offers these safety tips to drivers to help then make their way through work zones:

-Follow posted speed signs. Speed limits often fluctuate in work zones. Drivers are urged to follow these posted signs to increase safety for both motorists and workers.

-Avoid changing lanes in work zones.

-Eliminate all distractions. Put all cell phones and hand held devices in the glove compartment or in your back seat.

-Keep a safe distance between you and other vehicles, construction workers and equipment. Avoid tailgating.

-Pay close attention to flaggers. These employees are trained officials and have the ability to help save lives amid the congestion.

-Have patience. Traffic is prone to slow down in these areas.

-Plan ahead. If you know you trip is going to have to go through a work zone, it is recommended to either leave earlier or find an alternative route to your destination.

The NCDOT offers this Work Zone Safety Public Announcement for you to share with your friends and family to help us make our roadways a safer place for everyone.

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