Advocates Argue Red Light Cameras Prevent North Carolina Car Accidents

We previously posted on our North Carolina Car Accident Lawyers Blog that 80% of crashes occurring in the city are at intersections and often these kinds of accidents result in serious injury or death. Because intersections are so dangerous, our car accident lawyers in Charlotte, Statesville, and Winston-Salem frequently update you on the use of red-light cameras, which are meant to keep motorists safe.

Most cities have seen positive results with fewer intersection accidents in North Carolina since the installation of red light cameras began at back in 2004.

In fact, we posted on our North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers Blog that red light camera usage was responsible for almost a 25% drop in fatal car accidents at intersections during a 14-city study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. It is believed that if red light cameras were installed in all major cities nationwide, an average of more than 2 lives would be saved every day over the course of a year.

Despite the positive results that red light cameras have provided at some of the most dangerous intersections, WWAY reports that North Carolina Senate has proposed a bill that could do away with red light cameras completely. The city of Wilmington put up 13 red light cameras to help drivers pay a little more attention to the law and help prevent senseless intersection accidents caused by running a red light. As usual, public opinion is mixed on whether they should be taken away. Some motorists see the positive outcome that the cameras have in forcing drivers to stop at a yellow light if they know they will be nabbed with a violation through the mail a few weeks later. Others who oppose think that law enforcement officials on roadways are enough and so the added electronic device at intersections is overkill.

What most motorists who oppose the cameras don’t consider is that the cameras are strategically placed at the intersections with the most crashes occurring. If an intersection is known to be dangerous, and you take the camera away, how does that improve the safety of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians? Cameras at least make the driver think twice about running a red light. (Others argue the cameras are at the busiest intersections to generate the most ticket revenue).

Very soon the full North Carolina Senate will consider the bill. Once passed at that level it will move to the North Carolina House. Schools that are already struggling to keep themselves funded enough to operate will take a huge hit if the cameras are banned. Some of the income from fines goes to schools as a supplement for needed funding.

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