Technology could reduce risk of Carolina car accidents during road trips

It’s possible that in the near future when planning a road trip, travelers will be able to plot the safest route similar to how they currently find out the shortest route. Our personal injury lawyers in Winston-Salem and other parts of North Carolina find this a rewarding option as long as the information is reliable.

However, for the information to be accurate and reliable, the website will need to be continually managed with updated North Carolina car accident reports, as well as accident reports all over the country. Maintenance could be a difficult task even if managed properly.
A recent article in USA Today reported the proposed website will allow travelers planning a road trip to log on and find the safest route traveled. Similar to Mapquest and Google Maps, a user will be able to pinpoint their route and view the safest roads to use in their travels. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is currently constructing a pilot program with eight states located throughout the country: New Jersey, Michigan, Iowa, Florida, Utah, New Mexico, Kentucky, and Illinois.

The hope is to add more states this year once proven successful.

Over 2,100 drivers were surveyed in 2009 by the foundation and 73% confirmed they would consider using data from the website to determine the safest route, especially when traveling in unfamiliar areas.

The University of Minnesota’s Center for Excellence in Rural Safety currently offers an interactive website that allows motorists to track fatal crashes throughout the U.S. Founded in 2008, the website has been extremely popular, receiving over 10 million hits by the middle of 2010.

If managed successfully, state and local officials could eventually use the data on deaths, injuries, and safety features to improve safety on their roadways. The design of the program is expected to take 2 to 3 years but eventually will provide data on the nation’s safest, as well as deadliest, streets, highways and corridors.

Most motorists would agree that in theory, this website is an excellent source to keep drivers safer on roadways. But what happens when plotters start using the website to plan the safest route, only to find those roads have become more dangerous because of the popularity of the website? Traveling safely from point A to point B continues to lie primarily in the hands of the driver, not the roadway.

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