Spring a Dangerous Time for Teen Car Accidents in Charlotte, Throughout North Carolina

Our car accident attorneys in Greensboro, Asheville and Hickory often report about fatal crashes involving young drivers and the reasons that are likely to be the cause of them.

WNCT recently reported about several fatal accidents in Eastern Carolina, three of which occurred in a single day with one common factor. Young drivers were behind the wheel in each of the North Carolina car accidents.
Lack of experience is often a common cause of crashes involving young drivers. In these particular cases, it is believed that the driver being distracted was the cause since there were other passengers in the vehicle at the time of each accident. Backseat passengers can be especially distracting because a young driver can’t see them.

The Daily Reflector reports on each of the incidents. The first crash involved an 18-year-old driver who drove off the left side of the road and crashed into the fencing around a cemetery before coming back on the roadway. The vehicle landed on its roof. The crash involved one other vehicle and resulted in one fatality and one seriously injured.

The second crash, also a two-vehicle accident, occurred a few hours later near D.H. Conley High School. Both drivers were sent to the hospital; one driver was rescued after being trapped in the vehicle. Later that evening a third crash occurred involving a single vehicle. The teen driver was estimated to be speeding 30mph over the speed limit when he lost control of the vehicle.

He hit a curb which caused his vehicle to roll-over. No fatalities occurred but one passenger was ejected from the vehicle during the crash. It was reported that all three passengers suffered some injuries.

The Center for the Study of Young Drivers was established in 2005 with the intention of improving the safety of young drivers. The Center’s goal is to focus on and try to understand the numerous factors that contribute to the high number of crashes involving young drivers each year.

Current research involves the following studies:
-Examining the long-term effects of how graduated driver licensing has been improved and the changes that have been made.

-First ever study was recently completed on parental supervision of young drivers.

-Cameras have been mounted in the vehicles of young drivers to collect data, which provides scientists with an opportunity to study driver distractions, effects of passengers being in the car with the driver and parental supervision of young drivers.

-Scientists recently completed a study of whether a later start time for school would reduce the number of crashes among drowsy teen drivers.

-Numerous studies are being conducted on teen drivers using cell phones.

-CSYD relays information and findings to the Department of Transportation in order to reduce young driver crashes and fatalities.

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