AAA highlights decisions impacting the risk of North Carolina car accidents

Garner News reports that each year the auto services affiliate, AAA Carolina, reveals their opinions regarding decisions about traffic safety, transportation legislation, traffic court and events in North Carolina.

Our North Carolina personal injury lawyers are well aware of AAA Carolina’s Red light, Green light report and the impact the information could have on reducing car accidents in Gastonia, Asheville, Greensboro and elsewhere in the state.

Here are the 2010 Red Light (poor or questionable) decisions:

-To DMV, the Highway Patrol and the state legislature for tolerating the increasing numbers of unlicensed drivers in the state. A traffic checkpoint last summer in Charlotte yielded 124 citations and 10 DWI arrests. Of those cited, 70 had either a revoked license or no license at all.

-To the former DMV commissioner for listening to employee’s phone calls without their knowledge. State law requires that a person has to know they are being listened to by a third party.

-To DMV for the confusion caused by their realigning of vehicle inspection dates. Vehicles must be inspected prior to them being registered.

-To North Carolina Highway Patrol for a lenient attitude in previous years towards its officers for violations ranging from sexual misconduct to DWI.

-To the state legislature for failing to provide sufficient funding for the states transportation infrastructure. Funding from the state gas taxes took a hit when in 2007 a decision was made to freeze the taxes. Gas taxes prior to the freeze use to fluctuate up and down with the economy.

-To North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles for not making their facilities fully accessible to the handicapped.

-To Park Raleigh, a private parking enforcement company hired by the city, that issued tickets to more than 4,500 motorists for parking too far from the curb, though most of the time, they were within the parking spaces white lines.

-To NC DOT for firing the head of the state’s Ferry Division, two months after being hired, for not being a team player. This was after he confronted his bosses about issues of questionable spending, payroll padding and nepotism.

Here are the 2010 Green Light (good or praise worthy) decisions:

-To the Town of Chapel Hill, though it wasn’t enacted, they considered a total ban on cell phone while driving.

-To a Johnston County District Attorney for her concentrated effort on drunken drivers after a scandal revealed the illegal dismissing of hundreds of drunk driving cases by lawyers and court clerks.

-To NC Department of Transportation for revamping how road and transportation projects are awarded based on funding and need.

-To the NC Supreme Court, which upheld a police stop for failure to use a turn signal. The individual who was stopped fought the charge and felt it was unwarranted. This person was hoping to win his case because he had 50 grams of cocaine on him at the time of the stop.

-To Raleigh City Council for endorsing a plan to add bike lanes on as many as 25 streets.

-To NC Department of Transportation for plans to replace the Yadkin River Bridge which is north of Salisbury and to widen I-85 in Cabarrus County. Both projects are to begin this year.

-To El Pueblo (this is a non-profit advocacy group for Hispanics) for doing a radio campaign about traffic safety targeting Hispanic drivers. Traffic crashes in the state is the number one killer of the Hispanic population.

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