Teen driving safety tips can help prevent North Carolina car accidents

North Carolina Department of Crime Control and Public Safety offers driving safety tips for teen drivers. The young driver age group (15-20 years-old) is most at risk of a Carolina automobile accident, so establishing safe driving habits is an important step toward helping keep your young driver safe behind the wheel.

In a previous blog we were reminded of the dangers teens face behind the wheel when a young driver from Clayton was fatally injured after losing control of his truck. A similar article in Newsobserver reported the teen was driving at a speed of 70 mph and had just passed the friend he was following when he lost control and started swerving.
The victim was not wearing a seatbelt when the accident occurred and was fatally injured after being partially ejected.

North Carolina Department of Crime Control & Public Safety recommends the following teenage driving tips to young drivers:

-North Carolina law requires drivers to move over when approaching emergency vehicles with blinking lights – slow down, and safely slide over to the next lane.

-Consideration goes a long way on the roadways. Allow drivers to merge when entering the roadway from a ramp or when signaling to gain access in front of you.

-Leave a 3-second cushion between you and the vehicle in front of you when traveling at high speeds. Following too closely leaves you at high risk for an accident to occur.

-Always use turn signals and turn your head to look over your shoulder before changing lanes or merging into traffic.

-Stay alert for animals or debris darting in front of you. Failure to remain in control of your vehicle when either stopping or swerving to avoid the obstacle can result in a serious accident.

-Running red-lights or stop signs is a likely way of causing an accident. Only proceed through an intersection if you have a green light or have stopped at the sign and looked both ways.

-Teen drivers should limit the time they drive with their friends in the car. North Carolina law only allows one occupant to ride in a car with a teen driver.

-Decrease the number of distractions to reduce the risk of a crash. Eliminate unnecessary distractions like eating in your car, operating a GPS, or using a cell phone while you are driving so that your focus is always on the road and driving.

-Speed is one of the leading causes of teen accidents. Allow plenty of time so that speeding is a non-issue. Exercise greater caution in inclement weather by slowing down.

-Driving under the influence, especially when underage, is wrong on every level so refuse the temptation. The consequences of drinking and driving far outweigh any temptation you can imagine.

-North Carolina requires the use of seat belts in vehicles. Failure to comply has legal and financial ramifications, not to mention will significantly increase your chance of injury in an accident.

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