IMAP program assists stranded motorists, helps reduce risk of North Carolina car accident

The North Carolina Department of Transportation is reminding motorists about its Incident Management Assistance Patrol (IMAP) program, which is designed to assist stranded motorists and reduce the risk of North Carolina car accidents.

Our car accident lawyers in Charlotte, Raleigh and throughout the state urge motorists to use this system in the event of a breakdown or other roadside emergency. A surprising number of people are seriously injured or killed in an accident that occurs while they are tending to a disabled vehicle at the side of the road.
The yellow IMAP trucks have large lighted arrows and cruise North Carolina interstates and major highways, assisting stranded motorists and helping law enforcement manage accident scenes.

“Our Incident Management Assistance Patrol is a key component of NCDOT’s comprehensive approach to improving travel throughout North Carolina,” Transportation Secretary Lyndo Tippett said. “They are dedicated, hard-working people who help keep motorists moving and our highways safe.”

Often referred to as “angels” or “Good Samaritans,” the team consists of about 70 drivers and 20 supervisors.

“Just about everywhere you go in North Carolina, IMAP goes,” said Sam Whittington, the IMAP supervisor for the Triad region. “We are there to help. Someone once told us we were better than sliced bread.”

The team changes tire, herds cattle and does whatever else is necessary to assist motorists in getting to where they are going in as safe a manner as possible.

“You help thousands of people,” said Bill Chandler, an IMPA driver in Buncombe County. “I helped fix a flat for a bus from a church in Missouri which was going to a conference in Greensboro. They called me their angel.”

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