Safe driving key to avoiding car accidents in North and South Carolina

Our North Carolina car accident attorneys present our first in a series of 7 blogs encouraging Carolina motorists to get serious about safe driving in 2011. Other related topics to follow in this series are distracted driving, intersections, bad weather driving, aggressive, drowsy and drunk driving.

Speeding is one of the most widespread factors of vehicle-related accidents. Speeding claimed the lives of 11,674 people in 2008, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In 2008, speeding was prevalent in 31% of fatal crashes. The estimated economic cost of speed related crashes is over $40 billion each year.
Young males between 15 to 20 years of age involved in fatal accidents were speeding 37% of the time. The NHTSA reported that speeding was also common among drivers involved in alcohol-related crashes.

In the past 5 years North Carolina has seen an inconsistent trend in speed related fatal crashes. In 2007, the state reached a high of 622 deaths as opposed to a low in 2008 of 474. In 2009, 517 people were killed due to speeding.

If you think speeding is going to get you to your destination quicker, think again. In this interesting article, 70 Rules of Defensive Driving by Road Trip America Rule # 4 ‘Don’t speed’ explains how speeding doesn’t save you much time at all.

In an example of highway driving, traveling at 80 mph instead of 65 mph, you save yourself 8.7 minutes in a 50 mile trip. Is cutting 9 minutes off your travel time worth risking your life in an accident or getting pulled over for speeding? Furthermore, speeding results in extra gas consumption and and significantly more wear and tear on your vehicle.

The following are a few interesting speeding ticket stats and fun facts:
-Two men were fined for speeding horses in Seattle in 1879.

-The Prime Minister of Canada’s wife in 1910 was issued the earliest known speeding ticket. She was going 10 mph over the posted limit.

-In 1987 Paradise Valley, Arizona was the first town to use photo radar.

-In excess of 41,000,000 speeding tickets are issued each year in the United States.

-17 to 24 is the age range in which drivers accumulate the most speeding tickets.

-Men get speeding tickets more than women but women fight the ticket more than men.

-More than 95% of people who receive a speeding ticket just pay the fine. The 5% who fight their ticket usually have their charges reduced or the case dismissed.

-The profession that gets the most tickets – doctors.

The top 10 states for ticket writing:
1. Ohio
2. Pennsylvania
3. New York
4. California
5. Texas
6. Georgia
7. Virginia
8. North Carolina
9. Massachusetts
10. Connecticut

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