Safety group calls for nationwide ban on cell phone use by drivers – fewer North Carolina traffic accidents would result

The National Safety Council has launched a push for a nationwide cell phone ban, saying two-thirds of motorists in a recent poll would support prohibiting all drivers from using cell phones while behind the wheel.

Our North Carolina injury lawyers have reported on the patchwork of state and local laws that authorities worry are too confusing for motorists, particularly during peak travel periods. The Governor’s Highway Safety Association reports North Carolina bans cell phone use by school bus drivers, as well as by teenagers and other new drivers. All drivers are prohibited from text messaging in an effort to reduce North Carolina car accidents caused by distracted driving. No such restrictions exist in South Carolina.
Here is a list of state laws regarding cell phone use and text messaging for holiday travelers.

Only eight states ban hand-held cell phones by drives. No state band hands-free devices, which safety advocates claim are not a safe alternative.

The NSC reports that a recent survey found that two-thirds would support a nationwide ban on cell phone use by drivers and half though it would increase highway safety “a great deal.”

“The public is fed up with their safety being jeopardized because of phone calls,” said David Teater, senior director of Transportation Initiatives for NSC. “It is our hope that elected officials realize the strong public support for laws, and that they are quickly passed to protect motorists and others on our roadways.”

The government has conducted pilot enforcement efforts in Hartford Conn. and Syracuse, New York, and found drivers respond to a cell phone ban in much the way seat belt campaigns like “Click it or Ticket” have increased seat belt use. The year-long enforcement efforts increased compliance with the cell phone bans in those communities by as much as 50 percent.

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