Law enforcement aiming to reduce risk of holiday car accidents in North Carolina

Our Charlotte car accident attorneys know that the holiday season can be a hazardous time on the road. To address traffic safety concerns and in an effort to reduce the risk of North Carolina car accidents, law enforcement agencies began a series of traffic enforcement initiatives that will run through the holiday season.

Campaigns span a few days to several weeks and target specific traffic safety issues, namely: speeding, seat belt and child passenger protection, and distracted and impaired driving. In North Carolina speeding is a particularly deadly offense. It is the leading contributor to fatal North Carolina car accidents.
The North Carolina Department of Transportation reports that as of Oct. 31, police statewide have investigated 187,416 North Carolina car accidents that left 1,079 dead and another 88,855 injured. And in 2009, there were more than 1,300 fatalities on North Carolina roads.

To honor the dead and support surviving friends and family, the North Carolina Governors Highway Safety Program is now displaying a “tree of life” on the lawn of the State capital. The tree will remain up through Jan. 3, 2011. The “tree of life” is illuminated with 1,346 multi-colored lights, each light representing a life lost due to a fatal North Carolina car accident.

As we mentioned above, state law enforcement has been and will be cracking down on a host of traffic violations through the holiday season. Enforcement began Nov. 15-28 with a two-week “No Need 2 Speed” campaign that netted 26,870 speeders, with a total of 78,229 traffic and criminal citations written. Cops also recovered 82 stolen cars and booked 873 fugitives.

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, deputies are now transitioning to the “Booze It & Lose It” initiative, which is a year-long holiday-based gig that begins with St. Patrick’s Day and concludes in early 2011. Data for 2009 includes:

St. Patrick’s Day Booze It & Lose It:
Number of patrols and checkpoints: 2,535
Total DWI violations: 836
Seatbelt violations: 1,832
Child passenger safety violation: 194
Speeding violations: 6,224

Booze It & Lose It (Operation Firecracker):
Number of patrols and checkpoints: 4,815
Total DWI violations: 1,340
Seatbelt violations: 4,881
Child passenger safety violation: 729
Speeding violations: 15,293

Labor Day Booze It & Lose It:
Number of patrols and checkpoints: 10,583
Total DWI violations: 3,514
Seatbelt violations: 10,416
Child passenger safety violation: 1,533
Speeding violations: 30,830

Halloween Booze It & Lose It:
Number of patrols and checkpoints: 2,157
Total DWI violations: 816 Seatbelt violations: 1,189
Child passenger safety violation: 252
Speeding violations: 4,975

Holiday Booze It &
Lose It Number of patrols and checkpoints: 14,662
Total DWI violations: 4,293
Seatbelt violations: 8,778
Child passenger safety violation: 1,533
Speeding violations: 48,548

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