Blind spots are common cause for North Carolina car accidents

While driving on the highway or a major roadway you should always be aware of blind spots with other vehicles behind you or to your side. While off the road, a tragic number of North Carolina car accidents involve children in the driveway.

Sport utility vehicles have become the vehicle of choice in most families. What most people don’t realize is the risk involved with blind spots while driving these larger vehicles. More specifically the accidents that can occur on your own property with young children standing behind the vehicle as it is driven in reverse out of a driveway. Kids and Cars an organization founded in 1998, reports that from 2002-2007, 44 percent of non-traffic fatalities involving children under the age of 15 occurred because of backovers.
In July 2010, in Wayne County, North Carolina a 15-month-old child was critically injured while the father was moving his vehicle. As a result, Wayne Goodman, Chair of Safe Kids North Carolina, offered that doing a quick 5-second check around the vehicle prior to leaving could reduce the risk of injury or even save a young person’s life.

Safe Kids North Carolina offers some helpful suggestions to help prevent the tragedy that can occur from backover accidents.

-Always maintain supervision when children are in your care.

-It is important to make sure your driveway is not conceived as a playground to small children by keeping all toys or sporting equipment removed when vehicles are parked.

-Create a barrier separating the play area from where the cars are parked or driven when entering or exiting the driveway.

-Maintaining a safe play area away from parked or running vehicles can ultimately save a life.

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