Teens have enough to learn about driving safely without distractions leading to North Carolina car accidents

The National Safety Council reported in January of 2009 that approximately 1.6 million car accidents were caused in 2008 due to text messaging and cell phone use. The NSC has determined that using a cell phone while driving increases your chances of having a North Carolina car accident by four times.

In this third of three blogs for Teen Safe Driver Week (Oct. 17-24) we look at the dangers of distracted driving among teenagers.
Teenagers have so much to learn in their first few years behind the wheel. They are not very experienced and are sure to be nervous. They are still learning how to coordinate everything that they have to do and everything they must concentrate on from flipping on the turn signal to paying attention to other drivers and keeping with the flow of the traffic. They certainly don’t need any further unnecessary distractions that could cause a terrible car accident. With the popularity of cell phone use amongst teenagers, especially text messaging, it’s important that they understand the risks of distracting behavior behind the wheel.

Although many states have banned text messaging while driving, many people continue to do it. Of course cell phones are not the only distraction that teens face while driving. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration parents should have rules in place not to mention harsh consequences for breaking them.

You should discuss the many other distractions that could possibly cause a traffic accident, including too many passengers in the car, using the radio or other in-car electronics, eating, drinking, grooming or looking at outside distractions. If there is an emergency they should pull the vehicle over at first chance in order to contact someone. As the homecoming season approaches, having a limited number of passengers allowed in the vehicle will certainly deter further distraction.

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