National Teen Driver Safety Week aims to reduce risk of North Carolina car accidents

October 17th through the 24th is National Teen Driver Safety Week and we join the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in urging parents to speak to their kids about the dangers of poor driving decisions.

Understanding the causes of why teen drivers are involved in such a high number of North Carolina car accidents, can help parents address these issues with their teenagers.
In 2008, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported to Congress that 3,490 teenagers between the ages of 15 and 20 were killed in car accidents across the U.S. Of all of the drivers involved in fatal accidents in 2006, a staggering12.9% were teenagers.

The NHTSA states that teen drivers are less experienced are more prone to be distracted; they talk on their cell phones, send text messages, and do not wear their seatbelt. Through the month of October many teens will be celebrating homecoming with their friends and could possibly have access to alcohol even though they are not old enough to buy it themselves. It is important for parents to educate and talk with their teenagers in order to help them make good decisions and keep them safe.

Talk with your teen about not using the cell phone while driving. With the homecoming season approaching it is also important that parents be responsible in reducing the access their teens may have to alcohol. Parents can find helpful information here to make sure their teenage drivers are as safe as possible .

Here is a safe driving contract for North Carolina teenagers.

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