Government aims to reduce North Carolina car accidents with new 5-star safety rating system

In an effort to educate drivers to the host of new safety technologies being adopted by car manufacturers, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports it has upgraded its 5-star safety ranking system to include rollover resistance and front- and side-crash improvement.

As NHTSA administrator David Strickland suggests, drivers should be educated about and open to embracing new technologies aimed at diminishing incidence of injury or death caused during a serious or fatal North Carolina car accident. “We believe electronic stability control, lane departure warning, and forward collision warning offer significant safety benefits and consumers should consider them when buying a new car,” Strickland said.
The new system will evaluate 24 passenger cars, 20 sport utility vehicles, nine pickups and two vans in 2011. Because the new evaluation criteria is more rigorous, previously rated vehicles may not earn the same rankings under the new system.

For those considering a new car purchase, Safer Cars offer a few insights and questions to ask before buyers make a final decision. Specifically, learning what the vehicle offers as far as crash-avoidance technology, occupant protection, and anti-rollover stabilization, will give prospective buyers plenty to think about before making a decision. Other crash-protection and avoidance advances to ask about include:

~ Electronic Stability Control (ESC): If a driver starts to lose control while driving on slippery roads, this technology will compensate for under- or over-steering by automatically applying corrective brake pressure to keep the vehicle moving in the right direction.

~ Forward Collision Warning (FCW) and Lane Departure Warning (LDW): Respectively, these technologies alert drivers of incidence when either the distance between a moving vehicle and the car in front of it becomes unsafe, or the car drifts outside lane markings.

~ Advanced Frontal Air Bags, Safety Belt Load Limiter and Safety Belt Pretensioner: Sensors automatically evaluate the severity of impact, seat position, occupant size, and seat belt use to determine and adjust for appropriate deployment velocity as crash occurs.

~ Advanced Head Restraints, Side Air Bags and Curtains: Offer additional protection and cushioning response to the head and chest in the event of a head-on or side-impact crash.

~ Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems: Indicates via dashboard warning light if one or more of the vehicle tires becomes underinflated.

The government 5-star safety ratings for new and used cars are available here.

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