Drive Safely Work Week highlights risk of North Carolina car accident while on the job

Drive Safely Work Week runs from Oct. 4 to 8 as safety advocates encourage employers to enact policies aimed at reducing the risk of distracted driving car accidents.

Our North Carolina injury lawyers and workers’ compensation attorneys know that car accidents are among the leading causes of serious and fatal work accidents. Nationwide, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that transportation accidents were responsible for more than one-third of all fatal work accidents in 2009, accounting for 1,682 of 4,340 fatal job accidents. Transportation accidents in North Carolina accounted for 47 of 125 fatal work accidents.
“Businesses across the United States are recognizing the impact of this problem on their employees and are beginning to adopt anti-distracted driving policies,” U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. “The materials in this kit are designed to help advance your company’s effort against distracted driving.”

The workplace safety kit for North Carolina employers is available here.

Drive Safely Work Week aims to push businesses to establish cell phone policies to prevent employees from using phones while driving. The campaign also encourages the use of technology, such as call-blocking features, and mass transit as a means of reducing the dangers of job accidents caused by distracted driving.

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