Underlying medical conditions can play roll in serious North Carolina car accidents

Last week, in two separate incidents, two fatal North Carolina car accidents claimed the lives of two elderly men and required a 22-year-old driver to be airlifted to the Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte. While police have not concluded what caused either accident, underlying medical complications are believed to have played a role, the gastongazette.com reports.

In 2008, there were 214,226 car accidents in North Carolina, causing 112,348 injuries and claiming 1,448 lives. In an effort to make roads safer for all North Carolina drivers, the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles has a Driver Medical Evaluation program that tracks enrolled drivers who have ongoing medical issues. DMV official assure that the program is not a punishment, nor does it mean a driver will lose their driver’s license.

Requesting a driver be placed in the DME program may not be done anonymously. Most often drivers are tapped for evaluation by driver license examiners, family members, medical professionals or by law enforcement officers after an accident where a medical condition was potentially identified.

The most common medical conditions tracked by the program are those that are persistent, but can be controlled or managed. They range from seizures to cardiovascular disease and diabetes to visual, physical or psychological impairment and substance abuse issues. Addressing a medical issue can be as simple as requiring corrective lenses, but restrictions can span in scope to include daylight-driving only, speed limit maximums, radius from home travel or required accompaniment of a licensed driver.

A North Carolina car accident lawyer can assist in determining if an ignored or untreated medical condition or restriction is partly to blame for a car accident. Such circumstances can have an impact on the outcome of a case.

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