Teens at high risk of being involved in a North Carolina car accidents

Carolina Parent recently published an informative article about parents dealing with young teen drivers.

As we reported last month on our North Carolina Car Accident Lawyers Blog, teenagers are at the highest risk of any age group when it comes to being involved in a serious or fatal car accident. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that car accidents are the leading cause of death for young people ages 15 to 20.

Fatal North Carolina car accidents involving teenagers killed more than 180 motorists last year. While more than 100 motorists died as a result of South Carolina car accidents involving young drivers.

Carolina Parent’s article, “Before you hand over the keys,” provides parents with several safety and insurance tips:

-Vehicle Ownership: North Carolina’s Family Purpose Doctrine can hold a vehicle’s owners responsible for a driver’s negligence. The law applies whenever a driver is using the car for a family purpose, such as going to the store or running errands. Titling a car in a child’s name may best protect a family’s assets in the event of an accident.

Insurance Options: Options include adding a teen to your insurance policy or helping a teenage driver obtain his or her own insurance policy. Premiums can be lower for teens who are added to a family policy but there are also liability issues that may be best discussed with a local attorney.

How much coverage: The minimum amount required by law is 30/60/25, meaning $30,000 for any one person injured by a driver, $60,000 for all injured parties combined, and $25,000 in property damage coverage per accident. However, these limits may be nowhere near enough for a serious accident. Setting aside medical expenses, the property liability alone could well exceed $25,000 in the event that a child is involved in an accident with a new Mercedes.

New cars Teens are likely to suffer a few scrapes and bumps on the way to learning to drive. Safe used cars are the best option. As North Carolina child injury lawyers, we also encourage parents to focus on purchasing a larger, safer vehicle for a teenager — skip the high performance sports cars.

Staying Safe: Speaking early and often with your teenager about the dangers of driving and safe driving habits can help them appreciate the risks associated with climbing behind the wheel.

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