North Carolina car accidents a concern over Fourth of July — drunk driving to be targeted

Authorities are expected to be out in force to reduce the risk of drunk driving car accidents in North Carolina and South Carolina over the long Fourth of July weekend.
While New Year’s Eve gets all the attention, fatal accident statistics show that Fourth of July and Thanksgiving have become the deadliest holidays on the nation’s roads, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Nationwide, the federal government reports that someone dies in a drunk driving accident every 45 minutes. Alcohol was involved in 500 of the 1,433 fatal North Carolina car accidents reported in 2008. South Carolina car accidents involving alcohol resulted in half of all traffic deaths in 2008 –463 of 920 fatal accidents.

The USA Today reported that North Carolina teenagers are at particularly high risk for driving accidents. More than 680 teenagers have been killed in the past four years, prompting the North Carolina Highway Patrol’s Drive to Live 2010 program. The program provides parents with a driving agreement they can download and enter into with their teenage drivers.

While statistics show that Fourth of July was not the deadliest in North and South Carolina in 2008 (the last year for which statistics are available), drunk driving, heavy traffic and the long holiday weekend will increase the risk of being involved in a serious or fatal traffic accident.

The federal government’s Safe Summer Driving Tips are available here.

Fatal 2008 Holiday Accidents

New Years: 104
Memorial Day: 370
Fourth of July: 437
Labor Day: 423
Thanksgiving: 439
Christmas: 364
New Year’s Eve: 37




Fatal holiday car accidents in North Carolina in 2008

New Year’s: 7
Memorial Day: 10
Fourth of July: 12
Labor Day: 15
Thanksgiving: 14
Christmas: 14
New Year’s Eve: 2

Fatal holiday car accidents in South Carolina in 2008

New Year’s: 1
Memorial Day: 8
Fourth of July: 9
Labor Day: 14
Thanksgiving: 14
Christmas: 9

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