I-95 deadliest highway for North Carolina car accidents

Interstate 95 is the deadliest road for accidents in both North and South Carolina. A total of 304 deadly accidents killed 369 motorists between 2004 and 2008, the last five-year period for which statistics are available.

Seven of the nation’s deadliest roads are in the Carolinas, according to a report published by the Daily Beast, which used car accident totals for the last five years available through the federal government.

Our North Carolina injury lawyers urge you to open a discussion with your family about safe driving habits as we enter the summer travel season. Road Safe America calls June, July and August the “100 Deadliest Days” and reports that more than 50,000 fatal accidents occurred in the summer months during the five years studied.

For its deadliest road report, the number of fatal accidents was divided by the number of highway miles to determine the number of fatal accidents per mile of highway. Some roads really are more dangerous than others, whether because of congestion, poor design, roadside distractions or other reasons.

The Nation’s Top 5 Deadliest Roads:

1) I-95 in Florida: 382 miles/662 fatal accidents/765 fatalities/1.73 per mile.
2) I-76 in New Jersey: 3 miles/5 fatal accidents/6 fatalities/1.64 per mile.
3) I-4 in Florida: 132 miles/209 fatal accidents/234 fatalities/1.58 per mile.
4) I-15 in California: 287 miles/437 fatal accidents/506 fatalities/1.52 per mile.
5) I-10 in California: 243 miles/341 fatal accidents/387 fatalities/1.41 per mile.

Deadliest roads for North Carolina car accidents:

44) I-95: 182 miles/142 fatal accidents/175 fatalities/ .78 per mile.
66) I-85: 237 miles/137 fatal accidents/160 fatalities/ .58 per mile.
77) I-77: 102 miles/55 fatal accidents/62 fatalities/.54 per mile.

Deadliest roads for South Carolina car accidents:
35) I-95: 199 miles/162 fatal car accidents/194 fatalities/.82 per mile.
47) I-26: 221 miles/161 fatal accidents/175 fatalities/.73 per mile.
64) I-85: 106 miles/62 fatal accidents/69 fatalities/ .58 per mile.
67) I-20: 142 miles/81 fatal accidents/94 fatalities/.57 per mile.

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