North Carolina Child and Woman Killed, Two Others Injured, in Collision with Highway Patrol Car

Tragically, yesterday, a car crash involving a North Carolina trooper claimed the lives of two people. According to media reports, a 56-year-old woman and an 11-year-old girl died in Guilford County after their vehicle was hit by a patrol car driven by a trooper who was chasing another driver. Two other children who had also been passengers in the woman’s car were injured and required hospitalization.

Last week, Raleigh’s ABC11 News reported that in 2009, North Carolina Highway Patrol troopers were involved in an average of 7 North Carolina car crashes a week. According to the report, that number represented a 44% increase over the number of similar crashes reported for 2008. ABC News also noted that 3 people had been killed in car crashes involving troopers in 2009; many more were injured, and some of them sued the Highway Patrol, arguing that the troopers’ negligence was responsible for their injuries, property damage, or emotional distress.

In a recent study, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia evaluated 334 parents whose children had been injured in traffic accidents and had been hospitalized as a result. The study found that one month after the injury, 37% of the parents were experiencing what the study called “significant traumatic stress symptoms.” The study’s lead author emphasized the fact that a traumatic injury to a child impacts the entire family, and stressed the need for the other family members, especially the parents, to find support for themselves as well, as they help the children recover. A website set up by the Children’s Hospital,, offers tips for parents whose children have suffered traumatic injuries, as well as other resources to help families handle the consequences of such accidents.

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