Graphic Video Aims to Shock South Carolina Teenagers into Safer Behavior

According to various news reports, the AAA Carolinas Foundation for Traffic Safety has begun broadcasting a 30-second public service announcement video about the dangers of texting while driving. Designed to shock viewers, especially teens, the video will be shown in parts of South Carolina–a state that apparently rated worst in the nation in one survey on texting while driving.

North Carolina law now prohibits texting while driving. Similar legislation has been introduced in South Carolina, but has not been passed yet.

The Pew Internet Project for American Life has released a study showing that last year, 54% of American teens aged 12-17 used text messaging on a daily basis. Girls between the ages of 14 and 17, in particular, sent and received approximately 100 text messages a day. Most parents of teenagers can attest to what the study showed–that teens can become completely absorbed in their text-messaging, oblivious to everything around them.

The dangers of texting while driving are very real. In response, the AAA video message directed at South Carolina teens is apparently quite graphic. (A longer version of it, produced by a police department in Wales, was used to deter texting while driving in Great Britain.) It aims to drive home, in an emotional way, the fact that a device that teens may see as an intrinsic part of their daily activities, a source of fun and a way to connect with friends, must not be allowed to lead to injuries to the teens themselves, or to others who may share the road with teen drivers.

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