Fatal Crash After Tire Blows in Lee County, South Carolina

Columbia’s WIS Channel 10 reports that a driver died yesterday afternoon in a car crash in Lee County. According to the report, the man lost control of the vehicle after a front tire blew as he was driving on I-20. The car then crashed into the median and overturned. The driver had been wearing a seatbelt.

Despite taking all the precautions they can, people are sometimes injured or killed in car crashes due to defects in the manufacturing or design of parts of their cars, tires, or other driving-related products. If an injured person can show that the product defect led to his or her injury, the victim can receive financial compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering related to the injury, wages lost as a result of the injury, and any property damage caused by the defective product.

In addition, relatives of people whose death was caused by a defective product may sue the manufacturers and sellers of that product for “wrongful death.” In such situations, family members can claim compensation for loss of love and companionship, lost income, the loss of services that had been provided by the deceased to the family, and more. Although no amount of money can fully compensate a family for the death of one of its members, the law recognizes the fact that those bereaved are left to face very real economic consequences, beyond the emotional aftermath of their loss.

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