May 27, 2015

South Carolina Motorcycle Accident Proves Fatal

According to a recent article from News 12, a woman was killed in motorcycle crash in McCormick County, South Carolina. Authorities say the 43-year-old victim died on a Sunday afternoon when her motorcycle hit a guardrail, causing her to be thrown from the bike.

motorcycle-helmet-prop-369702-m.jpgWitnesses to the fatal motorcycle accident called 911 and first responders were dispatched to the scene of the crash. Prior to emergency personnel arriving on the accident scene, bystanders attempted to perform CPR but were unsuccessful. When emergency personnel arrived at the vehicle crash scene, they attempted to provide immediate medical attention to victim but found she was unresponsive after they attempted to perform CPR. She was later declared dead at the scene before being transported to the county coroner.

Authorities have also released information victim was driving a 2001 Harley Davidson motorcycle at the time of the accident, and it is not known if she was wearing a helmet. The cause of the accident is still under investigation, but the county coroner was able to obtain victim's identity, and they have been attempting to get in touch with family members before releasing her name to the general public.

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May 25, 2015

Lawsuits Filed in Charleston for Car Accidents Involving Emergency Vehicles

Everyone knows, when you see or hear an emergency vehicle rushing to the scene of an accident or crime, you must yield right of way, so as not to interfere with the vehicle. It is also true an emergency vehicle is allowed to run red traffic signals when traveling to its destination, assuming it is responding to a valid call. However, this does not give the operator of an emergency vehicle the right to drive in a negligent and dangerous manner or use its emergency equipment, including lights and sirens, when there is no valid emergency situation.

fire-engine.jpgThis is exactly what some plaintiffs are alleging in a series of cases recently filed in South Carolina, according to a news article for the Charleston Post and Courier. In one of the cases, plaintiff's attorneys have alleged a North Charleston fire truck was on its way to a car crash at speeds of up to 25 mph over the posted speed limit of 45 mph. Traveling 70 mph in an area with a posted speed limit of 45 mph is unnecessarily fast and dangerous, according to plaintiff's car accident lawyers.

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May 23, 2015

Fatal Car Accident in Clarendon County, South Carolina

According to a recent news report from WLTX 19, one person was killed in an early morning car crash in Clarendon County, South Carolina. The fatal car accident occurred on Interstate 95.

Thumbnail image for car-crash-m.jpgAuthorities say the crash occurred just after midnight around the exit of State Highway 521 near Manning, South Carolina. A South Carolina Highway Patrol spokesperson stated the accident involved a single Chevrolet Impala. It is believed the vehicle ran off the roadway and crashed into a tree. The only occupant of the Impala was the driver who was killed in the tragic motor vehicle accident.

Authorities are still investigating the cause of the fatal car accident and also the identity of the driver. State troopers say the victim was too badly injured in the horrific accident and they were unable to locate any other identifying information.

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May 20, 2015

Mother and Daughter Killed in North Carolina Truck Accident

Accidents involving large tractor-trailers are among the most serious auto accidents due to the size and weight of modern trucks. According to a recent news article from WRAL, prosecutors have charged a truck driver with misdemeanor death by vehicle.

Thumbnail image for semitruck2.jpgAuthorities say alleged at-fault driver was traveling in his truck eastbound on U.S. Highway 158 in North Carolina around 10 a.m. when he ran a red light and hit a vehicle traveling southbound. Troopers further say, after crashing into the car, the truck collided with a second vehicle, which was traveling in a northbound direction. The truck hit the car and pushed it quite some distance down the road before it finally came to a stop entirely on top of the car, crushing it.

The only two occupants of the second car were a mother and daughter who were killed in the tragic North Carolina truck accident. The driver of the first vehicle the truck allegedly collided with was injured in the crash, but his injuries are not believed to be serious in nature. The driver of the truck was released on a $10,000 secured bond.

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May 17, 2015

Off-Duty Army Captain Pulls Man from North Carolina Car Wreck

According to a recent news article from ABC News, an off-duty army captain pulled a man from a flaming car in Chatham County, North Carolina. Authorities say there was a two-car crash, which occurred when one of the cars crossed the center line of a non-divided highway.

759827_fire_brigade.jpgWhen the alleged at-fault driver crossed the center line, his vehicle collided with another car carrying two occupants. Witnesses say one of the cars burst into flames as a result of the collision, and neighbors ran out to help while first responders were on their way to the accident scene.

This is when the off-duty United States Army Captain, stationed at Fort Bragg, grabbed a fire extinguisher and ran toward the burning car. The military officer said he didn't really have a plan in mind when he took the fire extinguisher and used it to smash out the rear window of the burning car. He also used the extinguisher to shatter the driver's side window of the car.

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May 15, 2015

Woman Blames Coffee Drinking Parrot for Car Accident

There are many different forms of in-vehicle distraction, but this may have been a first.

According to a recent news report from Journal Now, a woman is blaming her pet parrot and its coffee drinking habit for her crashing her car into a guardrail. Authorities report her pet parrot distracted 35-year-old accident victim. Her parrot was riding in victim's car, and apparently not in a cage or any other type of animal carrier at the time of this accident.

o-que-que-h-1430846-m.jpgShe knows her parrot likes drinking coffee, and while she was traveling down the highway, she apparently saw her pet parrot pecking at the lid of her coffee cup located in one of the vehicle's cup holders. When she looked down to keep an eye on her pet bird, she took her eyes off the road and slammed her car into a guardrail.

Following this rather bizarre single-vehicle car crash, she stated she noticed bird seed in one of her other cup holders next to the coffee cup, and also found a feather near the cup. When first responders arrived at the scene of this car accident, they found her to have suffered a broken arm and several facial lacerations.

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May 13, 2015

Winston-Salem Car Accident Results in Pedestrian Death

When a car hits a pedestrian, the person on foot is often seriously injured. These accidents can result in death or severe injury to victims, including broken pelvic bones and limbs and serious internal damage to organs and the nervous system. People who survive are often left paralyzed.

crosswalk.jpgThe reason is quite simple: While people often take car safety for granted, a car weighs thousand of pounds, and, even at speeds of less than 5-miles-per-hour, that weight translates into a tremendous amount of energy and force being transferred to the pedestrian.

According to a recent news report from WXII 12, a pedestrian was killed after being hit by a car on University Parkway in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Accident investigators report a 64-year-old man was crossing University Parkway when an 18-year-old driver hit him with his car.

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May 10, 2015

Winston-Salem Police Chase Ends in Car Accident

Police chases make for great television and exciting movies. The "Fast and the Furious" franchise has managed to take a car chase to the next level. However, much like many of the other crazy and unbelievable stunts synonymous with the franchise, some things are better left for the big screen than attempting them in real life.

policecar.jpgPolice chases, in real life, have been known to result in extensive property damage, personal injury and, in worst cases, death.

Much like public police shootouts, innocent bystanders often fall victim to being in the wrong place at the wrong time. For this reason, police departments in major cities across the country have changed their policies to ban law enforcement personnel from engaging in a car chase with a fleeing suspect, in order to prevent often caused collateral damage.

It is not that authorities do not have an interest in catching fleeing motorists. It is just they realize they can simply radio ahead to set up a road block utilizing state of the art vehicle disabling equipment without putting others in unnecessary danger from a car crash, which could result in serious personal injury and property damage. Some of these anti-vehicle devices are designed to deflate tires, such as self-expanding spike strips, which a single officer can throw into the roadway, so the device can unfold itself and span the entire surface in a matter of seconds. There are also new electronic devices developed by the military and now used by local law enforcement, which use vehicle mounted transmitters to actually disable all electronics in a car, causing it to shut down.

Unfortunately, not all law enforcement agencies have adopted this usually safer approach.

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May 8, 2015

Strange Text Before Fatal Drunk Driving Car Accident

According to a recent article form ABC 7 News, a woman sent a strange text message before allegedly crashing her vehicle in a drunk driving accident, which resulted in the death of her passenger.

mobilephoneinhand3.jpgAuthorities say defendant sent a text to her boyfriend minutes before the accident, which said "Have a nice life idiot...I'm tired of having to put up with your short temper and unreasonable attitude. I'm done you ruined'll be the death of me... Driving drunk woo...I'll be dead thanks to you."

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May 6, 2015

Study: Drunk Driving Prevention Good for Economy

When people think of drunk driving and the tragic effects of drunk driving accidents, people are often thinking in terms of personal injury and loss of life. However, according to a recent news feature from Reuters, preventing or reducing the number of drunk driving car crashes may benefit the economy as well as preventing injury.

beeratbar.jpgOver the past 30 years, we have experienced a significant reduction in the number of alcohol-related car accidents on a nationwide basis. A recent study on the economic effects of drunk driving accidents suggests this reduction may have actually benefited the national economy.

Researchers estimated with $200 million of annual (compounded) growth to the United States gross domestic product since 1986, around five percent of this growth can be attributed to a reduction in the amount of drunk driving car accidents during this period.

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May 3, 2015

Bruce Jenner Sued for Negligence Deadly Car Accident

In recent weeks, Bruce Jenner, known for being an Olympic gold medalist and starring on reality television's Keeping Up With the Kardashians, has been featured in the news on an almost daily basis. While most of those articles and reports dealt with his decision to transition into a woman, he has also made headlines for being involved in a deadly car accident.

carcrash7.jpgWhile he was never charged with any crime in connection with the fatal car accident, according to a recent report from CNN, Jenner has recently been named as defendant in a civil wrongful death lawsuit filed by alleged victim's family.

Plaintiffs in this car accident lawsuit are decedent's three stepchildren. In their complaint, they alleged Jenner negligently hit their stepmother's car with his SUV, causing the car to be pushed into the path of an oncoming vehicle. In total, four cars were involved in the deadly crash.

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April 29, 2015

Four-Car Crash on I-40 In Winston-Salem

According to a recent news article from WXII 12, one person was injured in a four-vehicle motor vehicle accident, which occurred just before 8 a.m. on Interstate 40 in Winston-Salem.

unusual-dumper-217365-m.jpgAuthorities say the accident occurred on the westbound off-ramp of Interstate 40 leading to State Highway 52 North. While authorities are still trying to determine the exact cause, when first responders arrived at the scene they found a dump truck and car that had driven up an embankment and two other vehicles on the roadway with damage from the crash.

Witnesses say the off-ramp was closed for several hours, and there were extensive delays on the highway. They saw a crash victim being loaded onto an ambulance from a stretcher, but the extent of victim's injury are not fully known. There was at least one other victim taken to a local hospital.

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April 29, 2015

Mental Capacity of Defendant at Issue in Asheville Car Accident

Most auto accidents do not end with an arrest, unless there are allegations of drunk driving, street racing, or some other outrageous act. This is because the law generally treats car accidents as civil issues for which victims can make a claim with alleged at-fault driver's car insurance company or file a civil personal injury claim if it can't be settled.

medical-doctor-1314902-m.jpgIn some cases, prosecutors charge defendant with a crime, in addition to any civil lawsuit brought by victims. In the prosecution of any criminal case, the constitution requires defendant have a fair trail, and this means defendant must have the mental capacity to stand trial. More specifically, defendant must understand the nature of the offense and the roles of the parties, including judge, defense attorney, and prosecutor.

A recent case from The Citizen-Times discusses this issue. Authorities alleged defendant, from Leicester, was involved in a car crash in Buncombe County in December 2011. During that crash, it is alleged defendant was driving while intoxicated (DWI), and prosecutors eventually charged her with serious bodily injury while driving and DWI.

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April 27, 2015

Asheville Man Arrested - Allegedly Killed Mother in Car Accident

According to a recent news article from The Citizen Times, prosecutors charged a 60-year-old man in connection with a car accident in which his mother was killed. Authorities in Asheville report 60-year-old defendant failed to stop at a stop sign and drove through an intersection while another car was traveling through the same intersection.

coldbeerisolatedonwhite.jpgWhen defendant's car entered the intersection, it collided with another vehicle, causing serious bodily injury to the driver. Officers say the exact cause of the accident is still under investigation, and they intend to use the vehicle's onboard data recorder to determine what was happening with defendant's car prior to the fatal collision.

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April 26, 2015

Ward v. Carmona: Third-Party Defendants in Car Accident Cases

Ward v. Carmona, a case from the North Carolina Supreme Court, involves plaintiff whose son was driving her 1991 Mercedes. Her son was named a third-party defendant in this car accident lawsuit. He was driving east on a road in Raleigh, North Carolina while another defendant was driving his vehicle in the opposite direction, and the two cars crashed into each other at an intersection.

gavel9.jpgPlaintiff filed a lawsuit alleging negligent operation of a motor vehicle against the defendant who was driving the vehicle that collided with her son. After being served with a summons and complaint, defendant filed an answer along with a third-party complaint against plaintiff's son, alleging he was negligently responsible for the car accident at issue in this case.

During trial, plaintiff's son testified he was attempting to turn left at the intersection when the crash occurred. When he arrived at the intersection, he said the light was green so he pulled into intersection and stopped until it was safe to make a turn. Once the light had changed to red, he attempted to complete the left turn knowing the light was red. During this left turn, the other defendant's car collided with his vehicle. He testified he had an unobstructed view of oncoming traffic at time of the accident.

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