North Carolina Accident Lawyer Warns Distracted Driving Has Real Consequences

December 16, 2012
By Lee Law Offices, P.A. on December 16, 2012 3:25 AM |

Distracted driving is incredibly dangerous, with reporting that driver inattention played a role in as many as 18 percent of injury-causing car wrecks in 2010. While talking on a cell phone or texting are the most risky and most well-known of the distracted driving behaviors, any type of distracted driving can be harmful.

Our Charlotte accident attorneys urge every driver to give his or her 100 percent focus to driving. It is important to remember that even looking away from the road for a second can have serious consequences, especially when driving fast or in crowded areas where there are lots of pedestrians. 1035921_gps_driving_2.jpg

Recent Pedestrian Accident Shows Consequences of Distracted Driving
On December 5, Fox News 8 reported that a distracted driving crash occurred in Graham, North Carolina. While distracted driving crashes happen regularly throughout the state, this distracted driving crash was a little different.

In this case, a school bus was stopped with its lights on and its stop arm out. An 8-year-old child was boarding the bus at 7 a.m. when he was hit by a car head-on. The impact of the crash caused the boy to flip over the entire length of the car. The driver of the vehicle involved in the head-on crash was reportedly not paying attention at the time when the accident occurred.

Fortunately, the young boy was not serious hurt, although he was shaken up by the incident. The 26-year-old driver who as involved in the distracted driving crash, however, was ticketed for careless driving and reckless driving as well as for passing a school bus. The driver faces fines and penalties as a result of the distracted driving accident. Had she caused serious injury, she could have also been subject to a lawsuit for her obvious negligent acts.

Distracted Driving Really is Dangerous
While the young boy hit by the car was very lucky in this particular accident, the behavior of the driver was still extremely risky and shows just how great the potential is for harm.

In this case, a large bus was stopped with flashing lights. As the car approached the bus, the bus even beeped its horn in order to get the attention of the driver. Still, an accident happened.

When a driver isn't paying attention, he or she can miss even obvious obstacles and even clear barriers on the roadways. Distracted driving accidents, therefore, can literally happen at any time and anywhere, no matter how obvious it is that there are other people or cars in the path of the vehicle. There was no indication that the driver in this case was on a cell phone either, so the accident also underscores the fact that any time a driver isn't paying attention, whether he is lost in thought, changing the radio station, grooming, eating, entering info into the GPS or doing any other type of behavior, the driver could potentially miss something big and hurt others.

In cases where drivers are clearly distracted and are cited for it, proving that these drivers were negligent is relatively straightforward and accident victims should not have a difficult time getting the compensation that is afforded under North Carolina law for serious injuries.

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